Piano and Guitar Combo Lesson

Piano and Guitar Combo Lesson

Two instruments … one lesson is available at Perfect Praise Music.  Teacher, Michael Riggs offers piano and guitar combo lesson class type. Get the details and enroll now!

The Structures
  • Dual Instruments:  We offer piano and guitar to the same student in one weekly lesson.
  • Guitar/Piano lessons are on-going by the month with a one month advance, written termination notice required.
  • Due to full scheduling, we are not able to offer makeup lessons, nor do we refund for miss or cancelled lesson.
  • Lessons are offered at 6125 University Drive Suite B-26, behind Cheddars.
The Fees
  • $30 application fee is charged for all booking students.  If you withdraw for any reason you are charged this to reinstate.
  • 20 minute private guitar/piano combo lessons are $27.50 per weekly lesson, charged out in a monthly fee of $110 per month.
  • When we feel a longer lesson time is suited, we offer 30 minute weekly lessons at $125.00 per month.
  • Materials vary by the student and are in addition to the tuition.
  • Event Fee is charged twice per year and ranges between $25 and $45 depending on the forum.
Lesson Times and Availability

 20 Minute Lesson Times and Availability

Monday | Check Availability…

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Thursday | Check Availability…

Friday | Check Availability…

30 Minute Lesson Times and Availability 

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My daughter has been taking lessons for two instruments, piano and guitar, since she graduated from Perfect Praise Music's Kids N Keys program. She is getting the best of both instruments with one trip. This is so good for our busy schedule.

My son and I love studying the guitar together. This is quality training in the context of spending time with my son. It's a win-win.

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